TQW launches on Handmade at Amazon

The Quiet Woods has added a new selling platform - Handmade at Amazon. We will be offering new items that are only available here and on Etsy. We are going simple, basic and without too much flourish. Harkening back to my days doing minimal interior design in NYC.

Check us out!  http://www.amazon.com/s?marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=AJL66MG984M6Z&merchant=AJL66MG984M6Z&redirect=true

And on Etsy!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/theQuietWoods

Catskills Weekend at the Black Barn

It was a superb weekend for showing my work in the Catskills! The weather was just perfect and I got to spend time with my old friend Tom Luciano from back in the day (NYC design world of the early 90s). We set up leisurely on Friday, enjoying the fall air and marvelled over those who seemed to be constructing an entire store within their little tents. Wood floors, fabric walls and hanging lights! The scene felt like installation day on the jobsite! 

We set the heavy Danish table in its place, laid out the jewelry, hung the photographs and lit the candles on Tom's 30 one of a kind candlesticks. Our tent was magical. 

Customers and friends stopped in a admired, chatted and purchased special items. Dogs and children came and went. Coffees and maple cotton candy were brought to us. The weekend closed and we packed up vowing to see each other again before year's end.

A peek at our booth!

Field + Supply ~ A Modern Makers Craft Fair

That show, yeah, that special show I've been talking about for months now...well, it's THIS WEEKEND!!!  We have new biz cards to debut, special 'EXTREME' necklaces for sale and some new incredible TQW photographs for our booth. I'm making a few more Halfmoon pieces because I know that no one can resist those. TQW is ready for the Black Barn in High Falls

We'd love to see whoever can come to the Black Barn 4-8 Bruceville Road  High Falls, NY  

Saturday October 10, 11-6  ~  Sunday October 11, 12-5


Here are a few examples of my new work with brass..

Halfmoon necklaces and Halfmoon bracelets, yes...BRACELETS..

I know, right?!


I love the Round Lake Antiques Festival! It is always full of treasures. This year I focused on finding some props for my display. I am always drawn to basic wooden forms, interesting surfaces and some metalwork. Here are my findings from this pat June....

a day for pictures...

I had to wait until the sun was past the large maple in the yard for the lighting to be perfect.

Backdrop and props were set and the jewelry was all ready to go.

Four collections ~ Structural, Halfmoon, Fringe and Little

snap, snap, snap, snap..


hello world!

the studio...

Two rustic dining room tables in two houses make up our current studio.  The first table is in my 130 year old home in a small Victorian village in upstate New York. My mother, and design partner, owns the second table 150 paces away in a similarly aged home. With our back and forth design process we are able to collaborate, produce work individually, and report back to each other with our progress and results.

 Our workspace is extended outward into our community as we live in a very individual village. A total of 200 homes closely nestled together was established in 1868 as a Methodist campground and flourishes today as an artist’s haven. The Quiet Woods holds a strong place here – we are right at home.

The process starts with a quiet house, a cup of coffee and a sketchbook. My mother’s day starts before the sun is up and her senses are acute. Working in her space when the light is just beginning to filter in is her best time of day. My creative time will come later when the packing of lunches and shuffling of children is complete.


Back in the 90s when I was doing interior design in NYC, Michael Pierce used to refer to things as being monolithic - an architect of grand scale he always liked to make a big impact. Here's the Quiet Woods' version of monolithic!

the Quiet Woods is a real place!

I moved from NYC to upstate to a tiny Victorian village back in 2006 with my 6 year old son. I took a year off from work and he and I had many adventures together. We rode our scooters around the village and learned every street, every house and then every person. 

After we had mapped the entire village we ventured outwards to the woods. Laying the scooters down at the side of the road and entering through a small opening in the trees, it felt like we had found a lost world. All was hushed around us. Cracking branches and crunching leaves beneath our feet was all we could hear. That was until my 6 year old started talking a mean streak about how cool it was and how it was so neat that this place was so close to our house and on and on.  "Shhhhhhhhhhh...this is the quiet woods" I whispered, making it up on the spot.

It became our special place for us to explore and escape to.

stripey inspiration for today...

A line is the first thing we learn to write when we are young. A line on a piece of paper..with chalk on the sidewalk..with a stick in the dirt.    Many lines together make a forest,  the grain of wood, railroad tracks and the rain falling.

A line is the first thing we learn to write when we are young. A line on a piece of paper..with chalk on the sidewalk..with a stick in the dirt.

Many lines together make a forest,  the grain of wood, railroad tracks and the rain falling.