the studio...

Two rustic dining room tables in two houses make up our current studio.  The first table is in my 130 year old home in a small Victorian village in upstate New York. My mother, and design partner, owns the second table 150 paces away in a similarly aged home. With our back and forth design process we are able to collaborate, produce work individually, and report back to each other with our progress and results.

 Our workspace is extended outward into our community as we live in a very individual village. A total of 200 homes closely nestled together was established in 1868 as a Methodist campground and flourishes today as an artist’s haven. The Quiet Woods holds a strong place here – we are right at home.

The process starts with a quiet house, a cup of coffee and a sketchbook. My mother’s day starts before the sun is up and her senses are acute. Working in her space when the light is just beginning to filter in is her best time of day. My creative time will come later when the packing of lunches and shuffling of children is complete.