the Quiet Woods is a real place!

I moved from NYC to upstate to a tiny Victorian village back in 2006 with my 6 year old son. I took a year off from work and he and I had many adventures together. We rode our scooters around the village and learned every street, every house and then every person. 

After we had mapped the entire village we ventured outwards to the woods. Laying the scooters down at the side of the road and entering through a small opening in the trees, it felt like we had found a lost world. All was hushed around us. Cracking branches and crunching leaves beneath our feet was all we could hear. That was until my 6 year old started talking a mean streak about how cool it was and how it was so neat that this place was so close to our house and on and on.  "Shhhhhhhhhhh...this is the quiet woods" I whispered, making it up on the spot.

It became our special place for us to explore and escape to.