Catskills Weekend at the Black Barn

It was a superb weekend for showing my work in the Catskills! The weather was just perfect and I got to spend time with my old friend Tom Luciano from back in the day (NYC design world of the early 90s). We set up leisurely on Friday, enjoying the fall air and marvelled over those who seemed to be constructing an entire store within their little tents. Wood floors, fabric walls and hanging lights! The scene felt like installation day on the jobsite! 

We set the heavy Danish table in its place, laid out the jewelry, hung the photographs and lit the candles on Tom's 30 one of a kind candlesticks. Our tent was magical. 

Customers and friends stopped in a admired, chatted and purchased special items. Dogs and children came and went. Coffees and maple cotton candy were brought to us. The weekend closed and we packed up vowing to see each other again before year's end.

A peek at our booth!