to the Berkshires...

Today Ma and I took a road trip to the Berkshires with two trays of Quiet Woods jewels.

Lee, Stockbridge, Pittsfield......and finally Lenox.. We took a very roundabout way, but we finally got there.It was very worth it - We arrived at our destination - a beautiful shop called 'Local'. A lovely shop with the most special things. Please, someone just give me a few grand and I'll kit out my house and deck myself out in uber chic clothes.


what a posh town..Rhinebeck.....

we took the morning to drive the back roads through Kinderhook, Valatie, Hudson and Red Hook on our way to our destination..Rhinebeck. What a nice destination point it was!

A collection of tree-lined streets, little shops, al fresco restaurants, yummy gelato and my new gallery EB's Hudson Valley Finds. Right there on East Market Street. Perfectly placed with a lovely show just opening. Local art and craft beautifully curated. 


Ohm earrings $95

Ohm earrings $95

Digging to China $240

Digging to China $240

41 East Market Street Rhinebeck

41 East Market Street Rhinebeck

and I'm in........

The loveliest, most chic shop in Saratoga is now featuring the Quiet Woods.

We are soooooooo pleased to be in Red Wolf at 15 Spring Street. Wonderful home furnishings, beautiful tabletop items, clothing to die for and a collection of other jewelers who I am so excited to be next to in the case! 

red wolf logo.jpg

back in April...

Northampton bound...

The Quiet Woods had a fun roadtrip to Northampton MA to meet Patty Arbour from The Artisan Gallery. 

Ma, Jonah and I piled into the Subaru with a few trays of jewelry and high hopes. Then we hit traffic... 

Before long we arrived on Main Street, sunny, warm and teeming with people. Finding the gallery was easy and walking in was glorious. What an incredible shop full of really exquisite pottery, clothing, jewelry and accessories. I could have set up a tent and lived in there! Meeting Patty in the back office was challenging with Jonah behaving like a 2 year old....clinging to my hip..not letting me move my left arm..

She was as delightful as her shop. Vivacious and lovely. She perused our samples for a while, saying nothing.  When she did finally speak she said that she had traveled the country buying jewelry and she hadn't seen anything out there quite like our pieces. It was truly the highest compliment I've ever received.

She then asked if she could take everything we brought - all 32 pieces.


Thank you, Patty! 


See the Quiet Woods in person

here are our upcoming shows....


Hudson River Exchange Hudson, NY   July 20

Round Lake Craft Show  Round Lake, NY  August 17-18

Upper Madison Street Fair  Albany, NY   September 22

Carrot Festival Niskayuna, NY   September 29